miss’ing hun(t)

Creator and Designer- Me

This cyberpunk mystery twine game was made during DMG Toronto’s Feb Fatale 6 game jam. It focused on online identity, cyber security, magic and community. It was my first twine game (learned the program and made the game in one weekend) and I’m excited to make more. I had a blast seeing what I could explore as story telling tools within a texted based adventure.

A still from the text based game mentioned to the left
Start screen

Conway’s Game of Questions

Programming by Kevin Xue, Art by Me

This was made during the PTBO 2017n Game Jam. A fun platformer where you play Kellie Anne Conway and avoid questions and topics much as she did during the 2016 American Presidencial Election. Had a blast making all the assets and designs- great learning experience!

Tremor Tactics (prototype)

Programming by Kevin Xue, Art by Me

Fight bosses that are so big, they send shock waves/tremors. Tactical battle like Fire Emblem on a ever-changing battle field with epic large scale battles.