Theatre artist turned game designer and illustrator. Telling stories is my passion and I am hear to tell the stories I wish I had heard growing up! I love drawing, creating and collaborating. When I’m not drawing and writing I’m playing ruthless rogue-lites or cooking for my friends. Relocated from Alberta to Toronto to start following my passion and be the truest version of myself!

I love donuts, coffee, queerness, anti-oppression, and long to help the world grow. I can be found in pink with a coffee in hand- rushing around to enjoy living in Toronto.

I love cartoons and feel very inspired by both the macabre and the cutesier things. Pokemon and Sailor Moon were some of my first friends and continual inspirations. I have also had a passion all my life for tarot and esoteric things. It seems that existing in duality would be one of the best ways to put it.


  • Writing Dialogue For Games (DMG)
  • Intro to Clip Studio & Krita (DMG)
  • Tiny 2D Point and Click Adventures in Unity (DMG)
  • GMing Club (DMG)


  • Feb Fatale 6: Killing Cyberpunk (DMG)
  • Adventure Jam (DMG)
  • PTBO Game Jam 02 (Peterborough)
  • Global Game Jam ’17 (Toronto)