Theatre artist turned game designer and illustrator. Telling stories is my passion and I am here to tell the stories I wish I had heard growing up! I love drawing, creating and collaborating. When I’m not drawing and writing I’m playing ruthless rogue-lites or cooking for my friends. Relocated from Alberta to Toronto to start following my passion and be the truest version of myself!

I love donuts, coffee, queerness, anti-oppression, and long to help the world grow. I can be found in pink with a coffee in hand- rushing around to enjoy living in Toronto.

I love cartoons and feel very inspired by both the macabre and the cutesier things. Pokemon and Sailor Moon were some of my first friends and continual inspirations. I have also had a passion all my life for tarot and esoteric things. It seems that existing in duality would be one of the best ways to put it. If you would like to know more about all the different hats I wear- click the button to the below!


  • Writing Dialogue For Games (DMG)
  • Intro to Clip Studio & Krita (DMG)
  • Tiny 2D Point and Click Adventures in Unity (DMG)
  • GMing Club (DMG)


  • Feb Fatale 6: Killing Cyberpunk (DMG)
  • Adventure Jam (DMG)
  • PTBO Game Jam 02 (Peterborough)
  • Global Game Jam ’17 (Toronto)