Bit Bazaar

This last weekend I had the pleasure of showing my new game, zines and stickers at Bit Bazaar at the lovely Toronto Media Arts Center. This was my first time tabling zines and stickers so it was quite the amazing experience. I say next to Bad Pet all day and I helped come up with “Bad Pet Names”. Some examples are “Tetanus,” “Hard Rock,” and “Colton”

As it was my first time tabling- I could not have been put next to a better group. Bad Pet were showing their new Super Smash Bros themed zine which y’all should get if you love the game!

My stickers went off really well as well as the new zine I made- Miss’ing Hun(t) the zine. This zine is an extention of the game I made “miss’ing hun(t)” which can be found on my I will be adding the zine to my itch as soon as I have to scan it and upload it.

I’m hoping to also make a third chapter the the “miss’ing hun(t)” series- which explores magic, online identity, trans issues, gender and patriarchy. Stay tuned for more of this in the future- I’m hoping to make the third installment using GB Studio and see how the medium helps convey the feeling of the game!

Anywho- hope to have more news for you soon. Thanks for reading!

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